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Zone GT - First Run - ESP Plastic

$ 21.99
4 / 3 / 0 / 3
Here is what Discraft says about the Zone GT:
"An emblem of precision and control, the Zone has established itself as a must-have. Its overstable flight, favored for approach shots and short drives, is a testament to its reliability. Enter the innovative design of the Banger GT concept tops, and the Zone elevates to a level of its own. The Banger GT's "Groove Top" isn't just about looks; it offers a unique grip, particularly for those who lean towards a thumb track hold, ensuring a slightly overstable and predictable flight.  This merging of the Zone's legacy with the grip enhancements of the Banger GT creates an unprecedented fusion, ushering in a new chapter of disc golf where design innovation meets peak performance and community involvement."