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Teebird3 - VTX Fire & Ice - Marm O. Set - Champion Plastic

by Innova
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$ 24.99
8 / 4 / 0 / 2
The TeeBird3 is faster with less glide, and has the same trusted turn and fade flight ratings as the original TeeBird.

** A Marm O. Set 3 Color Design

More about the stamp design: Have you ever wrote mental reminders on your disc?

“Go for it!” * “Stay tough!” * “Short memory!”

Well the VTX Fire & Ice design is along those same lines, just a bit more artfully done than the Sharpie markings you’re accustomed to. Part technical graphic and part comic illustration, artist Marm O. Set, who designed the artwork, sees this Vortex design as a gentle reminder to: Bring the Heat’ / ‘Keep Your Cool’ on the course. And, if you can find a way to balance those two mantras (conveniently imprinted on the disc) you just might have a chance at becoming a great disc golfer.