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'Muri-Kaw - Mockingbird - Alpha Plastic

$ 24.99
7 / 5 / -2 / 1
This special 4th of July stamp features the Mockingbird as it was always intended: adorned in a red, white, and blue flag foil and sporting a rockin' mullet, held at bay by a stars and stripes studded biker bandana, and perched patriotically beneath its new title: 'Muri-kaw. 

The Mockingbird is Lone Star's understable fairway driver. When you’re in a situation where control is needed, KA-KA! The Mockingbird should be what you reach for!

With a smooth throw, the Mockingbird will take a straight flight. Give it hyzer, and it will hold it. Put a little power behind it, and it will turn hard and finish dependably.

The Mockingbird has a versatility to it that will work will for players of all skill levels.
Made in Texas, USA!