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Coalesce - Aura Plastic

$ 19.99
9 / 5 / 0 / 3
This is what Thought Space Athletics says about their driver, the Coalesce:
"As far as nine speeds go, you won’t find a mold that more harmoniously balances glide and a resistance to turn with a reliable finish, mild compared to its overstable counterpart, the Omen. We’ve integrated our favorite parts of our straight fairways with a dependable fade and an accessible rim width creating a disc you can lean into regardless of shifting conditions. The Goldilocks of our fairway lineup, uniting glide with a reliable fade; the Coalesce."

Thomas Gilbert on the Coalesce:

“The Coalesce is a go-to disc in my bag! It’s a disc that is useful for both my backhand and forehand shots ranging from 250ft all the way up to 500ft! It flies with the control and predictability of a fairway driver but has the long range capacity of a distance driver."

Behind the design:

The inspiration for the philosophy design came from changing the way you think. The deconstructed Greek bust suggests the origin of what many conceive as the birthplace of Western philosophy with a more modern-looking, almost "Street art" brain in the background. Knowledge is ever-growing, and one should never be afraid to stand tall on the shoulders of giants.
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