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Animal - VTX Design - Star Plastic

by Innova
$ 19.99
2 / 1 / 0 / 1
Already a course shredder, the Innova Animal in Star plastic now has five razor sharp blades from our classic Vortex design to deter bogeys.
More about the stamp: It’s time to go back to the original Vortex design that spawned several VTX iterations. Featured are five intertwined blades spinning, churning, and drawing your eyes in. Captivating the eye was one of artist Marm O. Set’s primary goals when creating the Vortex design. “I intended for the design to be named ‘Vortex’ from the beginning, so it needed to look fantastic while it was spinning,” said Marm O. Set.
Likened to a beat-in Rhyno, the Animal can achieve a straight flight with a mild hyzer release and exhibits a moderate turn when thrown flat. With its overstability and lack of glide, anny flex shots also come quite naturally to this disc.